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The company Dejond was founded in 1901 by Julien Dejond in Antwerp, Dejond initially started as a metal stockist.

After the second world war, Dejond expanded its activities into the distribution of fastening systems and building systems.
In 1954 Dejond started the first production of the TUBTARA® blind rivet nut.
Thanks to its technology in cold forming, Dejond is known as one of the leading European manufacturers of these blind rivet nuts that are exported to every continent.

Above activities result in four divisions:

and our own production division:


Our four divisions are working under one umbrella and are lined within one mission.
We believe in teamwork, flexibility and horizontal company structures.
Our customers may consider us not only as a supplier of products, but as their partner. Our people dispose on technical know-how, experience and enthousiasm to help our customers, to the best they need: the right product for your application. As experienced specialists we are dedicated to our customers-partners.

This we do every day!


Upon request of our aerospace customers we upgraded our existing ISO quality management system to the much higher EN 9100 level in 2014. Dejond has evolved from an ISO 9001 to an EN 9100 /AS 9100C / JISQ 9100-certified organization.

The EN 9100 is applicable to the development, production and sales of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts and distribution of high value fastening systems. The certificate helps us to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers and strengthen our position in the aerospace industry.

Read more about Dejond in aerospace and the difference between ISO 9001 and EN 9100.


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Dejond NV
Terbekehofdreef 55-59
2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp)
Belgium - Europe

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VAT BE0404.943.722
RPL Antwerp

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General conditions of purchase

Tubtara® blind rivet nuts
T +32 3 820 34 36
F +32 3 820 35 36

Fastening systems
T +32 3 820 34 33
F +32 3 820 35 70

T +32 3 820 34 11
F +32 3 820 35 11

Building systems
T +32 3 820 34 43
F +32 3 820 35 43

Opening hours warehouse:

Mo-Thu: 8 am till 12 pm and 1 till 4 pm
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