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EN 9100 - AS 9100C - JISQ 9100 certificate

EN 9100

Dejond EN 9100 certified: quality guaranteed

All our employees are daily committed to offer you an excellent service. Each of us is involved in quality assurance: we distribute and manufacture high-quality products, ensure on-time deliveries and pay close attention to customer satisfaction. We continuously invest in quality controls and audits.

To confirm this quality policy, we upgraded our existing quality management system to the higher EN 9100 level. Dejond evolved from an ISO 9001 to an EN 9100 certified organization.

The EN 9100 quality system is applicable to the development, production and sales of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts and distribution of high value fastening systems.

What is the difference between an EN 9100 and ISO 9001 quality standard?

Both standards set requirements for the quality management system of an organization, but each from a different angle.

  • The ISO 9001 is a basic certification proving that a company is operating a quality management system with care and attention, in a sound and structured way.
  • The EN 9100 quality management system is based on the ISO 9001 standard, but goes one major step further.
    It imposes strict controls of an organization’s configuration and customer requirements management, its suppliers and process changes.  Management has to ensure that product conformity, quality and delivery performances are accurately measured.  Appropriate actions must be taken if targeted results are not, or will not be, achieved.

The EN 9100 is a specific requirement of the aerospace industry that imposes strict safety standards and controls to insure a reliable quality.  It is comparable to the TS 16949 automotive directive.

You find Dejond in the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) database of the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).

EN 9100 (Europe) = AS 9100C (America) = JISQ 9100 (Asia)

Dejond in aerospace

airbus EN 9100

Since 1999 we develop, manufacture and supply technically advanced and high-value fastening systems for the aerospace industry. We are a certified Airbus (Common Vendor Nr 304142) and Bombardier supplier. From now on we also belong to the select group of 65 Belgian EN 9100 certified companies.

Some applications:

  • sealing connection in the slats of the Airbus A320 and A350
  • airport lighting
  • aircraft trolleys
  • component of aircraft seats (Airbus A320 / A321 / A380 - Boeing B737 / B747 / B767 / B777)

The EN 9100 certificate helps us to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers and strengthen our position in the aerospace industry.

For more information on aerospace fasteners, please contact:

customer service dejond

Kristien Vingerhoets      
Tel : +32 (0) 3 820 34 33
E-mail : kristien_vingerhoets@be.dejond.com

Let us discuss how your production will benefit from a close Dejond cooperation. Crucial for your high value aerospace applications.


Reach / RoHS statement

Dejond is committed to social and environmental responsibility and supports the basic aims of European Directives RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU) and REACH (EC 1907/2006), in improving the protection of human health and environment.

We continue to help our customers select compliant products and provide information on the possible presence of substances of very high concern in our products. Dejond offers below company statements regarding compliance of our fasteners and as general guidance.

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